Aktuelles - Pressemeldung 2015 - Umzug nach Frankfurt am Main (EN) | BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES

New Brand for Consulting-Services: BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES

The Mainz-based BTEXX Group has enjoyed 14 years of success as a consultancy and software manufacturer. During this time, the company implemented over 500 SAP projects for customers from a variety of industries. The “Software” and “Consulting” business units will begin developing operations independently of each other starting September 1, 2015. The realignment has produced two collaborating companies – “VANTAiO GmbH & Co. KG” (formerly “software” business unit) and “BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES GmbH”  (formerly “consulting” business unit).

The corporate group will strategically reposition itself starting September 1, 2015: The “Software” and “Consulting” business units – which until now were marketed as a single entity under the BTEXX brand – will begin developing both commercial and professional operations independently of each other starting September 1, 2015. The realignment has produced two autonomous companies that collaborate closely.

Starting September 1, 2015 the “Software” business unit (CEO Stefan Bohlmann) will continue operations under the new “VANTAiO” brand. Andreas Jamm will further develop the “Consulting” business unit under the new brand “BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES”.

Rotfeder-Ring 9
60327 Frankfurt am Main

“We decided to continue growing our business under two new brands and as autonomous companies because the development, production and sale of software and consulting require a different focus in every area of business operations,” says Stefan Bohlmann (CEO of VANTAiO GmbH & Co. KG).

BTEXX GmbH’s former “Consulting” business unit will relocate to its new offices on Rotfeder-Ring 9 in Frankfurt am Main on September 1, 2015 under the new brand “BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES”. 

“The move is an important strategic step that will enable us to scale our consulting team,” notes Andreas Jamm (CEO of BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES GmbH). “Frankfurt’s urban, cosmopolitan environment will help us create new structures and innovations. Our Shared LABs concept allows clients to work directly in our new location. We view ourselves as a consulting firm that puts clients at the center of our advising activities – both figuratively in marketing and physically on site,” Andreas Jamm continues. 

Next Steps

Andreas Jamm
Managing Director
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