BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES starts consulting activities in the ASEAN region

BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES, a leading innovation and technology consultancy based in Germany, is starting it’s consulting activities in the ASEAN region. In cooperation with the consulting team around the former IBM Consulting Executive Hans Kost, BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES will support companies in the procurement and manufacturing space in the areas of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Digital Transformation. By establishing itself in Singapore BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES responds to the needs of its customers who are active in the ASEAN area. The focus here is on supply chain management and manufacturing. The central consulting hub in Singapore serves BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES as the bridgehead for the know-how and technology transfer to the ASEAN region.

The country of Singapore is pushing the issue of digitization and is thus a pioneer in the region. Stakeholders such as the Industrial Internet Consortium, the German platform Industrie 4.0, the Future of Manufacturing initiative and the Singapore-based A * STAR alliance set the course for the digital modernization of the industry in Singapore. Especially because of the geographical location in the center of ASEAN and the numerous political and economic funding initiatives, Singapore represents an attractive starting point for the expansive plans for BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES. In the ASEAN area, however, the fourth industrial revolution also applies to countries that are in completely different development stages.

"The jump from industry 2.0 or 3.0 to the next evolutionary stage is unstoppable for many countries," emphasizes the consultant Hans Kost, who represents BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES in Singapore. "However, there is a lack of expertise on how digitization must be tackled. BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES has accompanied companies through this process for many years and is therefore the ideal consulting partner. I am therefore particularly pleased to represent BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES and its consulting portfolio in the future ".

"With our consulting activities in the ASEAN area, we will not only support the business activities of our European customers in the region, but will also accompany Asian companies on their way to digitization," says Andreas Jamm, CEO of BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES. "Specifically our consulting experience with regard to transformation processes and industry 4.0 platforms, such as SAP Leonardo or Siemens MindSphere, will help secure competitive advantages for our industrial clients in the ASEAN area ".

Your BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES contact in Singapore:

Mr. Hans Günther Kost
Business Development ASEAN
Email: hans.kost@boldlygo.de

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Mr. Hans Günther Kost

Business Development ASEAN