Online customer center for commercial and private customers

Project description

envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM) is the leading regional electricity and gas supplier in Eastern Germany. As a subsidiary of the RWE Group, the enviaM Group comprises enviaM and 17 majority holdings in a company that joins different areas of expertise and takes advantage of synergies to create lasting value for customers and partners.

enviaM commissioned IT service provider GISA, an organization it has a participating share in, to evaluate suitable software products for its new customer portal. After carefully examining the different software providers, enviaM ultimately decided on products from BTEXX.

After eight months of project work this innovative, visually appealing portal with the new enviaM branding was relaunched May 23, 2011 and is setting new benchmarks for energy supplier communications. It features powerful Web Content Management coupled with a modern portfolio of services.


Among other achievements, the relaunch of enviaM's Web portal has resulted in an online customer center for commercial and residential customers characterized by its user-friendly interface and powerful customer orientation. This customer orientation is augmented by a variety of self-services, which allow residential and commercial customers to compare and order products and rates themselves, change products or rates and manage electricity and gas meter readings.

BTEXX and GISA developed the enviaM customer portal applications in a manner that not only meets the needs of prospects and customers but also those of the content editors. An intuitive user interface based on the latest Web technology makes content managers' work as easy as possible.


The enviaM portal relaunch was part of a comprehensive rebranding process: The goal was to transfer the new CD guidelines for the enviaM brand to the customer portal.

High demands were placed on achieving a uniform design for all of the portal elements. The technical consultants at GISA and BTEXX had comprehensive experience with SAP's External Facing technology, which allowed them to implement the specified design with pixel-precise accuracy.

GISA IT consultants were able to visually adapt standard SAP applications (Web Dynpro applications). Residential and commercial customers now work with uniformly designed user interfaces, regardless of the technology the portal design is based on. 
Plans are already underway for further expansion of the enviaM customer portal: Promotional pages used only for short periods – e.g. for enviaM events or campaigns – can be quickly and efficiently created using BTEXX easyWCM and the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Similarly, it is quite simple for editors and administrators to ensure the portal is always up to date. For enviaM this excellent cooperation between corporate communications, GISA consultants and btexx specialists translated into a successful project and a customer-friendly online portal. 


BTEXX and GISA's implementation of the enviaM customer portal is based on the SAP NetWeaver Portal. In addition to the platform's outstanding existing possibilities, software solutions for easy content management, cross-platform searches and simplified document management were also integrated into the customer portal.

The implementation of “BTEXX easyWCM” software makes editorial content management easier than ever. Editorial content is managed locally, right from within the Content Management System. Content can be approved in several steps or en masse via a centralized Editor's Cockpit. Categorization and indexing facilitate management of Web content and articles. Editors have flexible options at their disposal for configuring dynamic content, for example for deadlines and press releases.

“BTEXX universalSearch” software was introduced to provide universal search functionality. It offers users fast access to information from any number of different sources. A live search feature in which entering three letters delivers initial search suggestions in a drop-down menu provides users with a search experience they are familiar with from their everyday work with Web search engines (such as Google, etc.).

 Effortless management of content and documents in the enviaM customer portal is made possible thanks to “BTEXX documentManager” for the SAP Knowledge Management platform. The software's user interface is so intuitive that users can find their way around the software without extensive training.