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BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES is a consulting partner of the software producer Celonis

BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES, the leading innovation and technology consultant in the field of SAP and the multi award-winning software producer Celonis SE are announcing their partnership. BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES advises and supports corporations and SMEs with the digitalisation and optimisation of their business processes. Focal point areas include data analytics, cognitive IoT and product cloud & smart services. In order to demonstrate information and values in the heterogeneous system and production landscape, BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES researches and develops methods and technologies for the industry of tomorrow. Through its partnership with Celonis and the use of the Celonis Process Mining software, in the future BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES will offer customers a tool that enables complete transparency of any IT supported business processes.

Recognise data streams in order to avoid vulnerabilities and bottlenecks

The Process Mining software from Celonis plays a globally pioneering role in the recognition, visualisation and analysis of business processes. With Process Mining, Celonis founded a new category in the area of Big Data technologies through which data can be analysed with the help of complex algorithms. The goal is to transparently map business processes on the basis of existing data streams from the existing IT system landscape. Vulnerabilities and bottlenecks can be recognised and removed this way.

In the future, the innovation and technology consultancy group based in Frankfurt am Main will make use of Celonis data analytics technology for process analysis in customer projects. The focus is on business processes in the area of logistics, production, procurement and sales. The main priority here is the recognition of inefficiencies in day-to-day processes and the identification of deviations from the desired process. Through targeted root cause analysis and solution approaches, companies are able to benefit sustainably. Increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction through faster processes and greater agility are the result and are reflected in the increasing success of the company.

Celonis Process Mining for a holistic process review

Through Celonis Process Mining, business processes are visualised in the way that they actually run. This transparency enables identification of the most efficient process routes. This holistic, value oriented review of the processes enables a new view of the processes within and beyond the confines of the company. BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES plans in perspective to graphically represent complete value added chain networks that can be evaluated with the help of defined KPIs. Product life cycles can be brought to life in this way and, for example, examined for compliance with sustainability aspects in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In times of unforeseeable economic events and threatening shortages of critical raw materials, the efficient use of resources becomes an increasingly important decisive competitive advantage.

“The identification of value generation potential in the admittedly very heterogeneous system and production landscape becomes possible with the automated process data analysis from Celonis” says Andreas Jamm, CEO of BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES. He goes on to say that “Celonis Process Mining supports our consulting approach. The partnership with Celonis was a very obvious step for us. We look forward to working together.”

“BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES supports companies on their way into the digital age and embodies a very innovative consulting approach. An ideal starting point for this journey of discovery is naturally a fact based analysis of actual processes by Celonis Process Mining. We look forward to working with BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES to help companies become more efficient and agile” says Bastian Nominacher, joint CEO of Celonis.

Celonis Process Mining is available as a cloud or on-site solution. Integration into the existing IT landscape is possible without too much effort. Existing ERP, MES, CRM or process automation systems are generally used as a source system.

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