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Our commitment. Our values. BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES becomes a cow sponsor

Innovative methods and technologies are the tools we use to establish a new understanding of what values truly mean in industry and the economy. We work boldly and tirelessly in our projects and initiatives to build sustainable bridges between business and environmental objectives – not only for our clients. We are also committed to using our knowledge and resources to make the world a better place. 

Saving cows from slaughter 

Part of our crew’s mission is to ensure sustainability in the context of social commitment and environmentally conscious actions. This also includes animal welfare. And we simply cannot look the other way when economically or politically motivated actions endanger animals, like what is happening in the dairy industry right now. Price dumping with dairy products makes it difficult for dairy farmers to even cover the costs of their operations. To counteract these effects, farmers must continuously increase the production of milk. Cows that do not meet the required quotas and do not produce enough milk are sorted out and sent off for slaughter. Now we are doing something to stop these appalling conditions. Cows deserve a better life. 

Lola is our latest crew member

This is why we are sponsoring a cow at the Michiels Family farm. Together with friends, the Michiels established the „Erika and friends e.V“ foundation. This foundation is dedicated to protecting cows that are unable to produce sufficient amounts of milk. 

The cow we are sponsoring and the latest member of our crew is called Lola. She is six years old and loves munching on carrots and dozing in the sun. Our commitment helped save Lola from a sad life as livestock and certain death in a slaughterhouse. 

“Both people and animals are entitled their dignity and should be treated fairly. Accepting this cow sponsorship is the perfect expression of our values and sense of fairness,” says Nicole Jamm, Feelgood Manager at BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES, adding, “Our entire crew is happy to offer Lola a good life, just as nature intended. Welcome, Lola!”

Next Steps

Andreas Jamm
Managing Director
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