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Start of the Value Landscape 4.0 initiative at the DSAG Annual Congress 2016

From 20-22 September 2016, the DSAG Annual Congress is inviting interested visitors to the Nuremberg Convention Centre. More than 175 exhibitors from the SAP environment will provide answers to the question “Business transformation from the socket?”. But this business transformation through technological innovation and high technology is not an end in itself. SAP- and innovation consultant BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES has been advising and assisting companies with business transformations for years. Their experience shows that many companies still need to be convinced of Industry 4.0 or Economy 4.0, despite the promise of more efficiency. Potentials across the entire supply chain are being overlooked. It takes an integrated view to understand the purpose and value of a business transformation. The BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES Value Landscape 4.0 initiative intends to start a discussion at the DSAG Annual Congress about the value potentials of a business transformation. After all, Economy 4.0 generates data and values that must be exploited in order to set a company on a sustainable and future-oriented path.

With the exception of Controlling, Value Landscape 4.0 is not just about efficiency and cost reduction. What BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES envisions and what is also the basis for discussion for the Value Landscape 4.0 initiative is an integrated view of value along the entire chain through technological innovation.

Safely moving to Industry 4.0 with the value map

BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES is researching methods and developing technologies to evince these values in a heterogeneous system and production landscape. In Industry 4.0, networking creates dynamics and complexity due to the broad range of a company’s internal and external factors, and the heterogeneous interactions of these influencing factors among themselves. “There is a lack of integration of the overall value map and the interactions of areas that were previously treated individually”, says Andreas Jamm, founder and CEO of BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES, adding that “with the Value Landscape 4.0 initiative, we would like to invite interested companies to discover their value potential in the era of Industry 4.0.”

Valuable chocolate at the DSAG Annual Congress 2016

In future, the Value Landscape 4.0 approach should enable companies to individually convert their existing data complexity into significant and sustainable value. Using the example of a chocolate producer, BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES is showcasing this approach for the first time at the DSAG Annual Congress, highlighting energy and resource management, production and distribution logistics. Worth discussing within the context of a business transformation are, for example, the global pressure to compete versus collaboration with increasingly networked partners, or cost pressure versus environmental protection and sustainability.

Visit us at the DSAG Annual Congress and discuss your Value Landscape 4.0 with us

Find us at the DSAG Annual Congress in Hall 12, Booth K8, right in front of the SAP booth. The BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES team is looking forward to meeting you at the DSAG Annual Congress in Nuremberg. Please get in touch with us to arrange a personal consultation.

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