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The SAP Enterprise Portal

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Whether start-ups, medium-sized businesses or corporations, everyone is using digital applications and digital services. And many want customised software solutions. The SAP Enterprise Portal provides a basis for standardised solutions. As an innovation and technology consultant, we have been successfully devising, developing and implementing the SAP Enterprise Portal for 15 years for a variety of customers. This portal offers a Single Point of Entry (SPE) for central access to SAP applications and non-SAP applications via a web frontend. This solution is ideal to integrate processes, applications and web content, including Single Sign-on (SSO).

The SAP Enterprise Portal is especially suitable for the following areas:

  • Intranet Portal for internal communications and more flexible working processes
  • Application Portal for central access (SSO) to multiple applications
  • HR Portal for HR departments, e.g. for simplified workforce planning through central access to all relevant information, and for employees to integrate HR self-services
  • Finance Portal for financial planning and financial management
  • IT Portal for processes and applications in times of digitisation, e.g. for joint tasks that are location-independent
  • Customer Portal to provide information and business-related services to B2B or B2C customers anywhere, anytime
  • Supplier Portal for simple and comprehensive supplier management
  • Service Portal for central logging (customer) and processing (operator) of service orders, as a platform for the provision of digital services and to upsell new services
  • Individual Portal in accordance with your requirements and variety of applications

Intuitive Interfaces for Users

The SAP Enterprise Portal connects processes and applications with users with its comprehensive role and authorisation concept – a perfect User Experience (UX) is a matter of course for us. “We put the user at the centre of the portal. This makes it easier to use the portal and its features”, says Farid Okhovat, Director of Consulting at BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES. “We employ the most modern UI approaches and technologies in order to offer users a quality of use in the enterprise environment that they are accustomed to from their private lives”, continues Farid Okhovat. The SAP Enterprise Portal can be implemented at any time, in any department and in any industry. By the way, it is also possible to integrate SAP applications and non-SAP applications as long as they meet the portal’s standards, e.g. via the Open Data Protocol. The portal is also easy to integrate into an existing security environment.

The SAP Enterprise Portal is versatile: We design the portal interface and the interfaces of various portal applications according to your corporate identity or corporate design. Processes and applications can be expanded in the context of individual projects. We assist you and your project from idea to concept and through to realisation. In short, we can develop the portal individually according to your requirements. What's more, this portal is cost-effective, proven and sustainable. No additional hardware required: The SAP Enterprise Portal can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Do you have any questions? We would be glad to assist you and provide comprehensive advice on individual software solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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