Digitalisation of the Energy Revolution

Process Mining in Energy Management

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Process Mining


Process Mining in energy management examines how to use your resources effectively and economically. For example, based on a vast amount of data Process Mining can develop digital event logs of your machines and plants, along with models of your company’s processes. The information gained through process mining allows you to save resources and reduce costs. This is the objective of our developers’ research. One example: The expansion and promotion of renewable energy has been behind increasing, temporary price fluctuations in the electricity market. Under the right circumstances, the information gained from process mining will allow you to react to these price fluctuations.



The German federal cabinet and the German parliament have recently further reformed the laws governing the development of the electricity market and for the digitalisation of the energy revolution. The department of Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel calls this redesign a “major reform of the electricity market”. Germany will be “ready for the energy revolution”. In other words, this is a hot topic. We develop such process models in the area of Energy Management. Our developers understand and improve your processes by analysing and interpreting event logs.

Energy Management: Understanding Data, Using Resources

Each event from the event log can be unambiguously assigned to a process. This clear assignment makes it possible to qualitatively assess the processes. Sources for event logging are the information provided by your Workflow Management Systems (WfMS), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPS) or Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). Algorithms will compute this information as soon as data from the event logs are available. Various processing types can then be derived from this.

Process mining is a very important tool. Boldly Go Industries analyses and interprets not (only) processes for you, but (also) resources. By the way: Process mining can be used for any and all processes that provide digital event logs – for example, a filling plant at a brewery or the assembly line of a car manufacturer. This enables us to link the digital world of the database with the analogue world of production.

We are the explorers: Our expert developers can find suitable software solutions. Are you ready to join our expedition?


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